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Hunt for Northern Lights - Minibus tour from Keflavík
Let us take you on a hunt for the Northern Light! The Northern lights known as well as the Aurora Borealis are visible during the winter season in Iceland. Our winters months tend to get quite dark there by enabling the lights to appear strongly if the weather conditions are of course favourable. The search start in Keflavík and we explore the sounding areas of the beautiful Reykjanes Peninsula.
Price 9.900 ISK.
Age 12 - 15 years 4.450 ISK.
Age 0 - 11 years free w/adult
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Horse Back Riding
Horse riding tour, where you will get to experience riding the well tempered Icelandic horse/ pony through nature in iceland.
Price 15.300 ISK.
Age 8 - 11 years 5.700 ISK.
Age 0-7 years not permitted.
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Whale Watching - Boat Tour & Reykjavík sightseeing
Whale Watching, where you get to experience the calming feeling of sailing away from the capital to go explore the visible see life that roam around the Faxaflói bay. You might get luck and see a Minek whale, humpback whale, white – beaked Dolphin, Harbor Porposise, Blue whale, Fin Whale or the famous Orca (killer whale) as those are some of the whales that are in the area.
Price 19.900 ISK.
Age 7 - 15 years 4.950 ISK.
Age 1 - 6 years free w/adult
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Airport - Highlights of Reykjanes - Airport
Why not enjoy a short tour of Iceland while you wait for your next flight. We start the day by taking you to a breakfast buffet in restaurant Keflavík. There after we continue on a tour to see the Highlights of Reykjanes where you get to experience a small piece of what Iceland has to offer. We then take you back to Keflavík international Airport after your tour, so now you can say that you have been to Iceland and hopefully return for a longer stay next time.  
Price 12.700 ISK.
Age 12 - 15 years 6.350 ISK.
Age 0 - 11 years free w/adult
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We can help you with your travel plans for your trip to Iceland, book your hotel get you going on some of the most amazing excursions available, arrange yourself drive package and more. Arrangements for groups – hotel – conferences – meeting rooms – meals –pre and post tours as well as daily transfer. This is just a small part of what we have to offer.

Travel Agency
Why not contact us and see what we have to offer!
We hope to make the beautiful Reykjanes Peninsula a part of your experience in Iceland as well. Travice Agency.

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